Parental Paranoia

Community question: Which of the following scenarios should make me feel guiltier?

Scenario One: Finn crying because I have to leave him at daycare

Reasoning for guilt: Leaving my boy somewhere he obviously doesn’t want to be (well – he’s crying!)   

Scenario Two: Finn crying because he has to come home from daycare

Reasoning for guilt: My company is such a lacking alternative that he’d rather stay at school in the chain link fenced yard with the sun-faded toys than come home with me.

 : (



  1. I used a day care center for my daughter where the toys were SO faded …you just don’t want to know. She fussed every time I picked her up. She loved it there. It’s the transition that kids find difficult. After you drop them off, they stop crying almost immediately. Of course, we cry all the way to work.

    ((BIG HUG))

  2. It’s true! It is the transition! When I babysit for the three-year-old, he hates to stop whatever it is that he’s doing and do something different. Then a minute later, he loves the new thing! Example: He never wants to stop playing and get in the bath. Then, once he’s in the bath, he never wants to get out and brush his teeth. Then, once he’s brushing his teeth, he wants to brush them indefinitely… and so on.

  3. I’m late for this one, but I gotta tell you, my best moments of the day when my youngest was in day care was when she’d yell “Mommy!” and run into my arms at the end of the day.

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