At times when there’s a bang in the night or when I need childlocks put on my bathroom cabinets I feel the lack of a husband in my life.  However the rest of the time, I secretly wonder if I’m simply better off without one.

I’ve noticed that quite a lot of married women out there seem to dislike their husbands intently.

And, you know, it can be a little hard to hear someone gripping endlessly about their husband because he didn’t park the car in the right spot, or failed to fold the laundry in the most efficient way or forgot to take the trash out that one time, when your husband was getting busy with a twenty four year-old blond the whole time you were pregnant and bailed on you eight weeks after giving birth….  It would be kind of like me incessantly bitching to someone in a wheelchair about the trouble with my ingrown toe nail.  After a while wheelchair-bound starts to get a little sick of hearing it. 

Married mothers with even halfway decent husbands I urge you to take a moment to appreciate them at least once a month.  I imagine having got used to the luxury of having one around it would be harder to adapt to living without the extra help.  Let’s compare it to losing the top of your left index finger.  You never stop to think how very useful and imperative that little piece of flesh and bone is; from day to day it doesn’t seem to do or be much of use at all.

However when it’s gone…



  1. OMG! This is the reality I have been looking for! I copied and pasted your link from a comment you made on the “single mom” blog from parenting. So refreshing! I can’t wait to look your web page over!

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